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    Call these local area AWOS Stations

Lawrenceburg   931-766-1585,  120.17 2M2
Maury County   931-379-0844,  128.62 KMRC
Savannah        731-925-6080,  133.92 KSNH
Nashville          615-360-6133,  135.10 KBNA


Lewis County Airport  0M3    Hohenwald, Tennessee 
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          John A Baker Field, "The Front Door to Lewis County"                                Click to listen           
                       Quick Info For 0M3
            Elev: 972'
            Runways: 02  20  4000' 
            Manager's Cell: 931-628-9270

News and Information 

Lewis county relies on life flights  emergency air lift services. Without a hospital and critical care facility, helicopters like the one pictured above, can be seen over Hohenwald several times a week and illustrate how vital their services are to our community.

 Aviation Serves America
Everyone benefits from aviation either directly or indirectly from a multitude of services and uses.

Aerial Sprayers improve yields for crops and timber growers helping to keep food prices low and protect trees grown for the logging industry.

Airlines and Corporate flying keep businesses competitive, protect jobs and allow millions of travelers each year the freedom to fly and turns days of road travel into just a few hours in the air.

Overnight Shipping flights deliver life-saving medicines, vital documents, machine parts and products to anywhere in the world. Our economy and countless lives rely on the efficiency and speed of our world-wide air delivery system.

Military Aviation protects our interest and those of our allies world-wide.  Our service members are on the job 24/7 defending our liberty and ensuring our economy continues to thrive. 

Local Airports are a valuable asset to small communities.      Having an airport makes a geographically isolated city like ours more accessible and more competitive with cities that do not have an airport. Our close airport puts Hohenwald minutes away from vital care facilities and reduce half-a-day drives for business persons to less than an hour flight. ______________________


Visiting Aircraft Buying More Fuel
The number of visiting aircraft has continued to increase at John A. Baker field. The trend has been steady with fuel sales following. Transient aircraft fuel sales account for over 60% of fuel sold here. That means greater revenue and more visitors to  Lewis county.

FAA Finalizes Recurrent Aircraft Registration
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an effort to create a more accurate aircraft registration database, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is requiring re-registration of all civil aircraft over the next three years and renewal every three years after that.

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